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Nedernet Service Contract

Our Refund/Return Policy:

Refunds for Nedernet's Service will only be given in the following situations:

  • Should you terminate service as per the Service Agreement, and have paid for 1 or more full months' service beyond the termination date, and have fulfilled the Initial Service Term as per the Service Agreement; or
  • Should we terminate your service as per the Service Agreement, and you have paid for 1 or more full months' service beyond the termination date, and have fulfilled the Initial Service Term as per the Service Agreement.
In all cases, no partial-month refunds will be given.

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Our Privacy Policy

At Nedernet, take your online privacy very seriously. Unlike major corporate ISPs, Nedernet does not routinely gather and store data on our clients' online activities. As Nedernet clients, you also are protected from data collection just by being on Nedernet's private network (unless you requested a public IP address). Once your traffic leaves Nedernet's network, it is not identifiable as yours by anyone else, unless there is personally identifiable information in the content.

We collect user information from you when you make a request for service so that we may contact you and can bill for our services. We will have to share your data with a few companies, such as our credit card processor, but we promise not to share or sell your personal information to anyone for any other reason, unless presented with a legal warrant.

Network protection

We do have to keep track of what happens on our network in order to stop viruses and other network problems. If we think that your computer is infected, we may contact you and ask you to do a virus scan. We will only inspect your traffic if it seems likely that you are violating our Acceptable Use Policy, or infected with malware or a virus.


Nedernet complies with CALEA, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994. If subpoenaed under CALEA, we may have to provide logs or copies of everything that you do online AND we are not allowed to tell you. Everyone who uses the internet should read about CALEA. A good place to start is at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Breaking the law

If you use our services to do something illegal, then you have broken our terms of service, and we will no longer guarantee your privacy.

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